Our first session will be a time where you can ask questions about me, about the counseling process, and we will discuss what brings you to therapy.  This provides an opportunity for us to meet and determine whether or not this is a good fit for you, as well as give you an idea of what therapy will look like going forward. 


You may be coming to counseling needing to discuss very difficult elements of your life.  The first few sessions serve as an introduction into your life and into the counseling process. These issues - such as abuse and trauma - are initially very difficult to talk about, and it is often not beneficial to rush into discussing such issues until a trusting therapeutic relationship is established between us.  

Please print, fill out, and bring in the New Client Intake, Disclosure Statement, and HIPAA Confidentiality forms - located on the Forms & Fees page.  This will save us valuable time during your first session.  

The full session fee is due at the beginning of the hour.

Building Code:

When we schedule our first appointment I will provide you with a building access code that will get you in the secure outside door.  My office is located on the third floor.  Please wait in the waiting area and I will come get you at our scheduled time.