I have been honored to see countless clients begin to learn to care for their authentic selves: to feel strong, optimistic, flexible, and able to love and be loved.


Every day, people come into my office for help with relationships:  their relationship with themselves, families, partners, bodies, and careers.  They know something isn't working; one, or maybe all, of these relationships are in trouble and they are bravely looking for answers. 

Current neuroscience tells us that the brain is capable of rewiring and healing itself.  In therapy, I work to bring to light old, entangled wiring and offer a new experience where new neural pathways can form. Therapy becomes a safe relationship where, in a compassionate and confidential environment,  women and men can begin to emerge and explore themselves mindfully.  As we learn to listen to ourselves, even our fears and anxieties, we can untangle complex old patterns and begin to form new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. 

I believe that you, by even considering therapy, are already on a path towards healing.